Academic Area Reservations

Screen Description

In the Academic Area Reservations screen it is possible to make changes to the academic area reservations for a given course.

In most cases, the academic area reservations are requested by the curriculum deputies and then the schedule deputies only change the number of reserved spaces if necessary.


In the upper part of the screen, the course name and course limit are displayed (if the course limit is the same as the instructional offering limit, only the instructional offering limit is displayed; otherwise both of them are presented).

A table with editable reservations follows. The editable columns are:

  • Academic Area
    • The academic area for which spaces should be reserved in the course
  • Type
    • Type of reservation
    • Options:
      Nothing (blank) - no reservation guaranteed, the reservation is just informational
      Temporary - reservations guaranteed until a certain day
      Permanent - reservations guaranteed for the whole period when students register for courses
  • Reserved
    • Number of spaces the schedule deputy allows to be reserved for a given academic area
    • Color coding for the total number of reserved seats:
      Black: Reserved = Requested
      Red - Reserved < Requested
      Green - Reserved > Requested

The non-editable columns are:

  • Requested
    • Number of spaces requested by curriculum deputies for a given academic area
  • Projected
    • Number of spaces that are expected to be needed by each academic area based on last like semester and projected enrollments
  • Last Term
    • Number of students from each academic area who took the course during the last like term

If you want to add reservations for another academic area, click on the Add Reservation (ALT+R) button. A new line will appear in the table where you can select the academic area and fill in the other required information.


  • Update (ALT+U)
    • Save changes and go back to the previous screen
  • Back (ALT+B)
    • Go to the previous screen without saving any changes