Add Event Meetings

Screen Description

The Add Event Meetings screen is the first of three screens that the user has to go through to request location(s) for additional meeting(s) for an existing event.


  • Event Type
    • Event type cannot be changed when just adding meetings
  • Academic Session
    • The academic session influences the dates and rooms available
    • If you need to add meetings over more than one academic session, it needs to be set up with the dates in one session first, and then, after those meetings have been added, the user needs to click Add Meetings (in the Event Detail screen) again and add meetings with dates in another academic session
  • Expected Attendance
    • For special events only
    • The estimated number of people coming to the event
    • Cannot be changed when just adding meetings
  • Related Classes/Courses
    • A list of classes/courses for course related events
    • The Event Room Selection screen will contain information about conflicts for students from these classes/courses


  • Dates
    • Click on dates to select dates for new meetings of the event
    • Click e.g. on Mon to select all Mondays for the given month
    • Click on week of year to select the whole week (Sun through Sat)
    • Click the upper left hand side square for a given month to select all dates in that month
    • Dates outside the academic session and dates in the past are disabled for selection
    • To deselect dates, click on Not Selected in the legend and then click on the previously selected dates
  • Time
    • Select start time and stop time for all the new meetings of this event (for all the dates you selected in the calendar)
    • When there is focus on the time drop down, it is possible to type in e.g. "10p" to get to "10:00pm" or e.g. "73a" to get to "7:30am" (it works the first time you type; then you need to hit Backspace to clear the numbers/letters you entered before)


  • Location
    • Select type of location for the new meetings
    • If no location type is checked, all of them are considered
  • Building
    • If the location type you want is not Outside Location, you can limit the room search to a specific building
  • Room Number
    • You can limit the room (or outside location) search to rooms (outside locations) with a specific number or name
    • Wild cards can be used, for example
      • "*Mall*" to find available malls
    • "1*" to search for all rooms/locations starting with 1
  • Include close by locations
    • Can be checked only for rooms, not for outside locations
    • When checked, the rooms offered to you for the event will be not only from the building/room selected, but also from buildings close by
  • Room Capacity
    • Type in Min or Max or both to limit the rooms you will see in the Event Room Selection screen by their size
  • Room Groups
    • Select to what room groups you want to limit the search
    • If none is selected, all room groups are considered
    • If more than one is selected, the locations in any of the groups are considered
  • Room Features
    • Select features you require in the location for your event
    • If no feature is selected, features are not considered in the search
    • If more than one feature is selected, only such locations are considered that have all of the selected features


  • Show Availability (Alt+N)
    • Go to the next (Event Room Selection) screen to proceed with room selection for the dates/times you selected in the Add Event Meetings screen
  • Back (Alt+B)