Add Non-University Location

Screen Description

In the Add Non-University Location screen you can add locations that are not on campus (or not in the room inventory).


  • Name
    • Name the Non-University Location whatever is useful for you
    • The limit is nine characters
  • Type
    • Room type
  • Capacity
    • Capacity for this location
    • This number should be large enough so that the classes that you want to have at this location can be placed there
  • Ignore Too Far Distances
    • By default unchecked, which means that if a class at this location is back to back with a class on campus, there will be a conflict for students and those back to back classes cannot be taught by the same instructor
    • When checked, there is no time conflict between back to back classes (one at this location, the other one on campus) and the classes can be taught by the same instructor
  • Ignore Room Checks
    • By default unchecked, which means that the location is considered to be an equivalent of a room - meaning e.g. that there cannot be two classes at the same time
    • When checked, there can be two or more classes taught at the same time at this location (this makes sense e.g. if the location is a hospital, where there can be different classes throughout the hospital at the same time)
  • Department
    • Use the drop down to choose the controlling department for this non-university location


  • Add New (Alt+A)
    • Add this new Non-University Location to your list of rooms and go back to the Rooms screen
  • Back (Alt+B)
    • Go back to the Rooms screen without adding a new location to your list