Screen Description

The Buildings screen contains a list of university buildings (that are included in the room inventory).


  • Abbreviation
    • Building abbreviation
  • Name
    • Name of the building
  • External ID
    • External ID of the building (optional)
  • X-Coordinate, Y-Coordinate
    • Coordinates of the building (used in calculating distances between buildings)
      • Distance between two buildings is computed as Euclidean distance between coordinates × 10 meters (e.g., distance between coordinates [0,0] and [3,4] is 50 meters)
      • Coordinates cannot be negative
      • A building with no coordinates is assumed to be too far from any other building (for instructor and student back-to-back constraints)

Click on any building in the list to edit its details.

Note: If you do not have coordinate system established, entering the same coordinates (e.g., [0,0]) for all buildings will ensure that there will be no "too far" instructor and student back-to-back constraint violations in the problem.


  • Add Building (ALT+A)
  • Export PDF (ALT+P)
    • Export the list of buildings into a PDF file