Student Scheduling Status Types

Screen Description

The Student Scheduling Status Types screen provides a table of possible statuses for students during online scheduling. A default student scheduling status can be set on the academic session (Edit Academic Session page) and overridden on a particular student (Online Student Scheduling Dashboard page).


The table of statuses has the following columns

  • Abbreviation
  • Name
    • Name of the scheduling status
  • Access
    • Indicates whether the student has access to online scheduling
  • Enrollment
    • Indicates whether the student can use the Enroll button (a student can have access to online scheduling assistant without the ability to make changes)
  • Advisor
    • Indicates whether the student advisor (Student Scheduling Advisor permission) has access to online scheduling (can make changes on behalf of a student)
  • Admin
    • Indicates whether the scheduling administrator (Student Scheduling Admin permission) has access to online scheduling (can make changes on behalf of a student)
  • Email
  • Wait-Listing
    • Indicate whether wait-listing is available for the student
  • No Batch
    • When checked, student class enrollments cannot be changed during batch student scheduling (Student Sectioning Solver screen). These students, however, do count against the class / configuration / course / reservation limits.
  • Message
    • Message to be displayed when the student tries to enroll

Click on any line with a status type to get to its Edit Student Scheduling Status Type screen.

If there are course types defined (Course Types screen). It is possible to define which courses a student can request in the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard. In this case, there is a toggle for each of the course types defined. There is also a toggle (named Other) that applies to all course offerings that do not have a course type set.