Update Meetings

Screen Description

The Update Meetings screen is the last of three screens in which the user adds new meetings to an event (to reserve locations for them).


  • Event Name
    • Name of the event
  • Sponsoring Organization
    • The organization in whose name the location(s) should be reserved
    • Applicable to special events only
  • Contact
    • Person responsible for the reservation (who will be contacted if needed) and all email addresses to which information about changes should go
  • Additional Information
    • Information regarding the new meetings that should help you get the locations you need
    • Example: need a room that seats at least four handicapped people

The Existing Meetings section provides a list of meetings entered earlier.

The list of requested meetings (dates/times/locations) are displayed in New Meetings section of the screen. If there is a problem, you can click Change Selection to go back to edit these meetings.

If your event is a course event, the related courses/classes are displayed in the bottom part of the screen.


  • Update (Alt+U)
    • Update the list of meetings for this event and go to the Event Detail screen
  • Cancel (Alt+C)
    • Cancel the request for more meetings and go to back the Event Detail screen
  • Change Selection (Alt+B)