Tips and Tricks

Speed up some pages

    • Wild cards

        • Wherever you can enter the course number (Instructional Offerings, Classes, ...), you can also enter just the first digit (or first two digits) and a star (for example, "2*" for 200 level courses). When you then click Search, only the courses starting with that digit(s) will be presented. This should be faster than listing all your instructional offerings (or classes).

    • Filters

Contact us through this application

    • There is a new section of the application, called Contact Us, under Help in the left hand side menu. If you need anything, it is a good way to contact us. You can specify there what type of inquiry/request you have – and you will also see what information we need to know to help you.

Wipe out class preferences

    • For the whole instructional offering

        • Make this course not offered and then make it offered again. The structure will be preserved (together with the preferences put on subparts), but the preferences on individual classes will be deleted.

    • For a scheduling subpart

        • In the Scheduling Subpart Detail screen, scroll down to the list of classes that belong to this subpart. On the line that says Classes, there is a button that says "Clear Class Preferences". Click it. The preferences you put directly on classes will be deleted and the preferences that were put on the subpart will be applied (and displayed) on the classes.

    • For a particular class

        • Go to the Edit Class screen. Next to the Update button, there is a button Clear Class Preferences. Click it. The preferences you put directly on class will be deleted and you will see the preferences that were put on the subpart.

Assign instructors for the whole instructional offering in one screen

    • Use the Assign Instructors button in the Instructional Offering Detail screen.

    • You can navigate through the offerings with Previous/Next buttons – the list will be saved and you will get to the previous or next instructional offering from your list.

Shortcut keys

    • Many buttons have shortcut keys you can use; you can see the shortcut keys when you roll the mouse over the button

        • Note: To use the shortcut keys in Mozilla Firefox 2.0, you need to press the Shift key too (for example, it is not enough to press ALT+S for Search, you need to press ALT+SHIFT+S)

To Do

    • Roll mouse over to see more information

    • Key shortcuts

    • Filters

    • Wild cards

    • Grids

        • Vertical x Horizontal

        • Grids to text (in IO - good for printouts)

    • Turning off the confirmation messages